Hello, my name is Paul Knibbs. I have been in the transportation industry in one way or another since 1966. 

Here is some background on me.

  • I was a successful over the road owner operator hauling flatbed across US and Canada until the late 80’s.
  • Like many truckers, I eventually wanted to get off the road, but I wanted to remain in the transportation industry. I went to work for National Truck League in 1989 providing specialty insurance coverage to truckers until late 90’s. I was top salesman in Western Canada.
  • Started Trucker’s Business Consulting Group early 90’s as I felt I was able to provide a broader range of insurance plans to my trucker clients. I wanted to have more options available to give my clients more and better choices.
  • Early 2000 started a successful accounting business, (Roadside Consulting) along with my insurance business to assist truckers with bookkeeping, taxation and business advice. I had over 350 trucker clients. I sold this business in 2010 to concentrate on my insurance business.
  • I continue to help and assist the self employed including truckers with quality insurance coverage from the major insurers such as RBC, BMO, Manulife and more.
  • I am licensed to sell insurance from British Columbia to Ontario.
  • I currently live in Surrey BC and have 3 children and 3 grandchildren.
Paul Knibss