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Protect Your Income, Protect Your family



Truckers partner with their families and their trucking equipment to keep the wheels rolling and the cash coming in to pay for personal family expenses, debt and the necessities of life.  If you are unexpectedly injured due to a personal accident and cannot work as a as a result, everybody is affected.  If you have Workers’ Compensation, you may receive some income benefit for your accidental injury, but it won’t be enough!  Top up WCB/WSIB with a guaranteed issue accidental injury plan.  If you do not have WCB at all, then it is all the more reason not to delay in getting coverage for accidental injuries on  or off the job.

What is an Accident?

Think of an accidental injury as an unexpected sudden external event like slipping off a flatbed.  What is not an accident is usually classified as a sickness, which includes the wear and tear we often associate with getting older!  While the majority of disabling injuries are due to accidental cause, it is best to consider purchasing sickness coverage as well, even though this benefit costs more money.

What is a sickness?

We often think of sickness as the “big event” items like heart attack, stroke cancer and all the other nasty stuff.  However things like degenerative disc disease or anything related to the “wear and tear of life” is included as a sickness.  It is important to buy sickness coverage while you are still healthy.

We recommend every trucker include some form of sickness coverage with every plan.  An excellent and inexpensive way of doing this is to have a guaranteed issue “serious sickness” benefit tucked into your base disability plan, because you just “never know”.

The Optimal Strategy for Truckers

The problem with life is it tosses the unexpected at you.  Since there are only so many premium dollars available, how do you cover as many of the bases as possible?  We suggest you have a look at a package of benefits that combines benefits to a breadth of  hazards for an affordable premium.  Much of the risk would be covered in these important areas:

  • Personal Accident Disability coverage which will provide income if you are injured due to accident at work or at home.   This may be your primary coverage or will top up WCB.
  • Personal Accident Coverage for serious injuries that will beef up everything else coming your way, including lump sum benefits for loss of use, loss of life, and additional benefits if you are permanently and totally disabled (PTD)
  • Serious Illness Coverage that everyone can qualify for, up to age 64, which pays a lump sum for a list of sixteen illnesses
  • Emergency Travel Medical Coverage while travelling outside your home province to cover medical expenses you government health plan will not
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